Authentic Artisan Turkish Bread

88% Of People Say They Want This Turkish Bread Does Your Café Or Restaurant Have IT ?

Why Our Bread

Authentic Turkish BakeHouse use a Turkish Bread Recipe to provide you with a healthier bread which tastes great whilst proving the following benefits to you

* Thicker Turkish Bread consistently so it can easily be cut in half to make sandwiches

*Turkish Bread bread which has no preservatives

* Low in Salt n Sugar

* NO added Fats or Oils

* Best Tasting Turkish Bread

* No milk or milk products used

* Freezes & Thaws without losing feel n taste

✅ tripped and fallen, in the middle of the night and or no-one is around
✅ The phone or the medical alert device is are not where it can be reached
✅ been confused, disorientated, by medications or sickness
✅ they are in rehabilitation as a result
✅ died as a result of lying on the floor for days or even weeks unnoticed. 

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Some Quick Recipes

Artisan Garlic Turkish Loaf – Pide or Rolls

Our traditional long flat Garlic Turkish PIDE is the ideal time saver for those making Garlic Turkish Bread with the garlic favour already infused (mixed through), cut Turkish Garlic Bread as desired, butter or drizzle your favourite healthy oil over the pieces bake in the oven and “hey presto” Garlic Turkish ready for serving.

artisan Garlic_Turkish_bread, Authentic artisan bakery

Turkish Fruit Bread

– can be used to create Individual serves for Bread n Butter Pudding easily …don’t have worry about fruit being dispersed

Cheese Platter

Your choice fresh or toasted use our traditional Artisan Turkish, Plain loaf or Garlic Turkish Pide  or better still select the Artisan Turkish Fruit Bread to Create an amazing Cheese Platter with your favourite cheeses just slice the fresh Artisan Turkish loaf into the size you desire.

Serve the slices fresh or toasted add cheese to fruit bread without having to worry about dried fruit spilling everywhere.

Pizza Slices

Select one of our Artisan Pizza bases and add your to suit your taste.
Don’t feel like a pizza base then take a Artisan Turkish Pide, hamburger roll and cut into then you have your own Turkish pizza
Check out our video below!

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