Authentic Turkish BakeHouse Brochures do the talking about artisan Turkish bread in 2005

Found some old channel style advertising from 2005 Authentic’s artisan turkish bread brochures – funny how things have changed now #brochures are pretty much obsolete in today’s internet savvy world and mobile devices.
Faxed orders were the way of the past but the future is orders being emailed, eventually the orders will be placed in real time into the Artisan Bakery’s software and invoice issued and payment made by the customer in real time.

Now the customers can  view Artisan Turkish Bread the pictures from our website on their mobile phone.  When necessary the pictures can be  transferred or downloaded direct to their phone. Artisan Turkish bread pictures can be sent them via a personalised email with price list or even a web link to a downloadable brochure and price list.

Ordering can commence immediately, NO ACCOUNT Application necessary, just pay online, so you get the cash upfront with the order
No need to chase accounts

Authentic Turkish BAkeHouse - artisan turkish bread Authentic Turkish BAkeHouse - artisan turkish bread brochure Brochure 2005 Turkish Bread Authentic Turkish BAkeHouse - artisan turkish bread Brochure 2005 Turkish Bread -Authentic Turkish BAkeHouse - artisan turkish bread

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