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Authentic BakeHouse Bread Storage to increase Bread Life

Whether it’s a Turkish Bread Loaf, Artisan Bread as the bread’s crust dry’s out  this helps to protect it  from further drying out, staling and mould growth.

Placing the freshly baked loaf in plastic draws the moisture through the crust (osmosis) creating a humid environment and which will accelerate a bread going mouldy.

This is why the Authentic BakeHouse Breads are best kept in the fridge for longer life.

It is not advisable to place the bread into the fridge without it being in a plastic bag, as it the drying effect of the fridge (low humidity) will accelerate the staling or drying out of the bread.
The ideal way to store bread is in a bread crock or a bread box.

This should be sufficiently large to have some air around the loaf and reduce the effect created by the operation of either your home heating or cooling system.
Should our BakeHouse Bread dry out and become too crusty just sprinkle the top with water and bake in an oven or under the grill to freshen the bread loaf so it will be like it comes out of our oven>

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