Turkish Bread is it Healthy?
The main issue as far as I can see is related to the the amount of following ingredients in the Turkish Bread Recipe. It should be noted that Sesame Seeds are listed as an Allergen but to those not affected Sesame Seeds can provide health Benefits
The reason from our research that Turkish Bread is claimed to be unhealthy is that Turkish Bread Loaf tends to be consumed completely and not over a No of days like normal bread. Also Turkish Bread due to the number of large airholes in the structure of the Turkish Bread it actually means more fat/oil is required to get good coverage, this results in higher caloric intake (read makes you fat), however usually better quality fats and oils are used (eg Olive Oil) with herbs and spices and so if you don’t eat to many portions you should be fine

Why No Preservatives

Low Salt is Better

Low Sugar….Reduces GI

Fats and Oils i.e. Fat = Oils

Dairy causes Lactose intolerance, Whey Preservative Effect

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