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Dairy Free Bread is Better

Signs of problems with Dairy in Bread

  • pale face and/or dark circles under eyes
  • a history of lactose intolerance as a baby
  • frequent ear infections as a baby or toddler, or grommets later on
  • crave dairy foods, unwilling to give them up
  • love dairy foods, would live on them if allowed
  • or the opposite – don’t like milk

Watch out for whey – preservative

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Propionibacteria can be cultured in whey powder as a method of using natural 282 preservative without having to declare it on the label. Avoid breads containing whey or whey powder, even if marked “preservative free”.

Q. We are still unclear about the relationship between whey and calcium propionate. I read that whey in bread should be avoided because it acts like natural calcium propionate. What I’m not sure about is the effect of whey when in foods other than bread. Specifically, we have been buying carob buttons from a local health food store and whey is an ingredient. My wife in particular is concerned about this. She does not want to bake them into cookies for fear of having a reaction. Is this a legitimate concern?

A. The only whey powder you have to avoid is whey powder that has been cultured with propionibacteria, but unfortunately, you can’t tell whether it has been cultured or not because some manufacturers specify ‘cultured whey powder’ and some don’t. Obviously, it should be mandatory to list cultured whey powder, but that’s a battle for another day. In the meantime, it is probably safe to assume that whey powder in baked products such as bread, cakes and croissants has been cultured, and whey powder in anything else, including carob buttons, icecream and any other dairy products has not been cultured and is OK to eat.
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